Why use a big plumbing company to do small plumbing work, where the costs are higher, due to them having to cover larger overheads, staff wages etc. Also the likely use of sub contractors, apprentices and even disgruntled employees that will not give their best for the company they are working for. Instead why not give E.N.PIPER a call where the cost will be cheaper due to lower overheads, a personal service is guaranteed, and all responsibility stops at the source.

E.N.PIPER plumbing is a small independent, sole trader that specialises in tap replacements, repairs and small plumbing jobs. Being a sole trader there is only 1 point of contact so ensuring a friendly personal service, where the buck stops firmly at the source.  I am willing to give free advice and I make every attempt to keep my prices at a reasonable cost. I will cover an area of 15miles radius of Melksham.