• Tap replacements *
    • (will fit  customer supplied taps or can supply and fit taps to suit.
    • Please refer to the advice section on the correct pressure range for taps when customers supply their own taps for fitting)
  • Dripping taps**
  • Tap washer replacement
  • Small plumbing jobs
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Washing machine and Dishwasher plumbing
  • Surestop remote stopcock fitting
  • Blocked sinks
  • Kitchen plumbing
  • Bathroom plumbing
  • Toilet and Basin replacement

*Taps come in various shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common they need to be suitable for the water pressure in your home. These range from high to medium pressure (0.5-5bar) to low to medium pressure. (0.1bar-3bar).                                                                                        It is crucial to know as fitting the wrong pressure range for your house will mean that your taps will not operate correctly and give poor water flow and the increase of dripping at an earlier time in their life (it can also cause embarrassment and irritation to the poor customer and plumber when the taps don’t perform well.)

Refer to the following list to establish the pressure for your tap that would be suitable for your home:

  • Do you have a combi boiler? – High pressure tap needed
  • Do you have a unvented hot water cylinder ie. Mega flow cylinder and no cold water storage tank in your loft? – High pressure tap needed
  • Do you have a hot water cylinder and a cold water storage tank in your loft .(gravity fed system)? – low pressure tap needed.
  1. Some gravity systems will be able to cope with medium pressure taps. A rough guide would be to estimate the top water level height of the cold water tank down to the position of your taps, with 10metre height this would give a 1bar pressure, so each decrease in a metre height would give a 0.1 bar drop. Most average house rooms are 2.4 metres high, so 2 rooms equal 4.8metres plus an additional 1 metre height for the water level height in your tank would approximately give 5.8 metres and therefore an equivalent pressure of .58 bar, just above the required minimum for a high pressure system. This would only be suitable for kitchen taps as bathroom taps are higher up and therefore would have a lower pressure reaching them. If in doubt please contact me before buying your taps

** some taps that are dripping and have a washer cannot be repaired. This is due to the seating where the washer sits having become pitted or damaged and no amount of work can fix this. Advice will be given and a suitable alternative suggested.  Also some ceramic disc type taps (quarter turn) are more difficult to fix due to the manufacturers making so many different types of replacement cartridges and therefore making some of them obsolete, every attempt will be made to find the right solution for your needs.



Prices vary due to distance travelled but generally they will be:

Melksham only    £30.00 for the first hour and £20 thereafter

10 mile radius       £36.00 for the first hour and £20 thereafter

15 mile radius        £40.50 for the first hour  and £20 thereafter

All tap replacements will be at the fixed rate for 1 hour for a pair of taps plus minimum cost of any fittings and parts needed. Any other work will be charged at the hourly rate plus parts and fitting.